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6 Ways to Spruce Up Your Porch/Patio for Summer

Summer means spending more time outdoors for a lot of us. If you live in Auburn, you know that a cool porch or patio makes the perfect place for unwinding in the heat. Hosting friends for barbeques, celebrations, or get-togethers? Check out these six tips to help get your space ready for all the Summer Shindigs!

  1. Make Lounging Spots Comfy
Bright colors contribute to an airy summer feel.

Your guests will love the inviting essence of a cozy place to sit! Make sure to include several pieces of outdoor furniture that are bright, clean and fresh in your patio space. Wash the Spring pollen away, add some aesthetic and comfort with outdoor decorative pillows, and set up the furniture in a way that is conducive to conversation.

2. Define the Space with Rugs and Other Décor

Break up the openness of your outdoor space by adding a weather-resistant outdoor rug. This will help protect your friends’ feet from the hot deck or patio, and will serve as a wonderful element to bring the space together. Be sure to position the front legs of each piece of furniture on the rug; this will improve the design flow and appearance of the hangout area.

Tastefully placing a rug can make a space feel larger and more inviting.

3. Create a Focal Point

Whether you choose a piece of art, a sturdy coffee or dining table or a television, creating a focal point within the space will soften the setting and make it feel more personal.

4. Add Foliage for a Brighter Feel

Plants add an element of hominess to any space – outdoor decks and patios are not immune to this rule of thumb. Add some decorative planters filled with bright flowers, hanging baskets overflowing with greenery and table-top planter trays for added appeal.

The more variety of plants and planters you select, the more alive and natural your patio will feel.

5. Replace Out-of-Season Pieces

Displaying Christmas pillows when it is no longer Christmas season? Remove and replace outdoor décor from seasons past. Pillow colors/design, planter materials/style, and rug pattern/material are a few customizable elements that can be based around the season.

6. Add Lights

Lighting can make or break ambience within a space. Choose lighting based on what you want to achieve. Need to brighten it up at night? Choose lanterns or large-bulb string lights to bring light to your patio. Want a simple warm glow reminiscent of fireflies? Install strings of LED lights around plants or above seating for that extra glow.

We are loving the fairy garden vibes the lights bring.


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