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Colors of 2021

There are two factors to consider in choosing new paint colors.  Are you painting for your own satisfaction or are you painting to maximize resale value?

The new year causes us all to think about renewal and change.  Many of us think about home improvement for our own satisfaction or in preparation to sell.  The most dramatic and cost-effective improvement is fresh interior paint.

As with every new year, we notice there are new colors and hues that are being touted as the new trending colors.  It is the goal of market influencers to make claim to setting the trend. The fact is that these market leaders do influence our taste; however, it is important to realize that it is you the consumer that will actually determine trending colors for 2021.  Our desire is to have you think about what trends are developing, how will the trends influence your decision, and most importantly, what is your motivation to paint.

Trends are useful.  Trends cause us to re-evaluate.  Additionally, they help us feel current and fresh in our thinking and attitude.

With so many of us working from home and spending more time at home, there is a real desire to get inspiration and joy from our surroundings.  Emerging trends are demonstrating that joyful and warm color is important to our sense of well-being. When using these colors do not go overboard.  New color and color combinations add so much to the living space and give your home the appearance of being current.  We suggest that you enhance your home environment with color, but be aware what is trending today could be a dated look tomorrow. If you plan to stay in your home a few years enjoy your color selection.  It is your home, enjoy it.  

Whether you plan to move or nest in your home for many years to come, neutrals are great for bringing calm and unifying a space. If you are thinking that neutrals are basically all the same. Take the time to truly analyze the hues that are trending. There are many beautiful shades of white and earth tones.  Gray as a neutral is not going away; it is simply getting a 2021 upgrade and being utilized as a companion and/or contrasting color.

We encourage you to paint even if you do not really see the need and your paint appears “like new”.  You will be amazed by the look of a newly painted interior.  If you are thinking about selling, new paint will make a difference.   

As we work with buyers and sellers, we notice the trend is more toward 100 percent move-in ready more than ever before.  We encourage you to be ready to enjoy your home in the present and be prepared for a quick sale. 

If your New Year’s resolution is to paint the interior of your home, determine if you are painting for yourself or for the future homeowner.  Don’t just paint the town red, but paint your home for your personal satisfaction and to maximize resale.

Bill McCown and Corrie Kent work as a team for Kent McCown Group with Coldwell Banker Alliance. They cover properties in both Auburn and Opelika, Alabama. | @kentmccowngroup

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