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Hanging Artwork

What is the best way to hang that precious artwork? 

You’ve just purchased your new home, congrats! You’re fully moved in, but the space still doesn’t quite feel like you yet? Try hanging artwork! Artwork is the best way to express yourself when it comes to home design. Where and how you display your artwork is crucial, 

whether it’s a piece you’ve purchased from a gallery or something you’ve diy’d. 

One of the most popular places to hang artwork is above the fireplace mantel, more and more people are opting to put artwork above the fireplace rather than a tv, to give it more of a sophisticated look! Here are a few things to remember when hanging artwork above the mantle. Hanging artwork above the fireplace is already out of eye level, so try to hang your art 3”-6” above the first place. Hanging the artwork at a slight tilt is also a very popular thing to do, it allows the art to be above eye level, but still viewable up close. Not ready to ditch the tv but still desiring a sophisticated look. Check out the “the Frame” tv from samsung, when the tv is not in use it displays beautiful artwork, it’s the best of both worlds.

Looking to display art in other rooms? In the dining room, a popular place to display artwork is above a credenza or buffet. When hanging art above a piece like this I recommend hanging it from the bottom of the frame 8”-10” from the desired furniture piece. If hanging art simply on a barren wall or hallway, place the art 60” from center to the ground, this will perfectly align the art to standard eye level for viewing those precious pieces. 

PS: Although the placement of your art is very important, lighting is just as crucial, here are a few of my favorite lighting choices 




Local Galleries to shop: 

The Gallery on Railroad

The LocAL Market

Auburn Art

The Art Haus

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