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Kent McCown Group Celebrates

Born in different generations, with different backgrounds and skillsets; That is the reality of Kent McCown Group. However, with many differences also comes many similarities and it’s the balance that makes our team work. We share a business and a passion for real estate, but we also share a birthday month – March. In celebration, we wanted to share a little about what makes our team so special. 

Bill, a baby boomer, and a retired school superintendent is a studious, mathematical, people person. Bill’s passion for customer care and client satisfaction exceeds anything I’ve ever experienced. To say that Bill goes above and beyond for every client is a massive understatement. He carefully listens and values every client to meet each of their specific needs. He does this with great intention, joy, and compassion. He is the reason that Kent McCown Group can call each client a friend by the end of the transaction. Because to know Bill is to love Bill. 

Bill’s experience and expertise in the school system allowed him to hone his skills in dealing with conflicts. He is patient and decisive when it comes to conflict resolution. If you don’t know, each real estate transaction comes with its own fun set of conflicts. I have never seen Bill rattled because he never shows it on the outside. He remains calm, cool, collected, and seems to smooth everything over with ease and confidence. 

Then there’s me, Corrie, an older millennial and retired stay-at-home mom. I’m organized, I love paperwork, and I pay close attention to details. Running a home with two boys – one of them having special needs – has taught me to block out the chaos and get the job done. Organizing the chaos so that things run smoothly is one of my strong suits. 

While keeping a file up to date and organized is mundane, someone has to do it. I enjoy ticking these tasks off my to-do list. We both joke about me being the secretary, but the reality is that keeping everything organized at the office allows both of us the opportunity to focus on what matters – family and clients. 

We both make family a priority and enjoy taking over the workload so that the other can enjoy their family time. We always remind each other when spending time with family… “don’t blink.” It’s important to each of us that family comes first, then work. We may have different skill sets, but our similarities in work ethic, customer service, and teamwork are what make Kent McCown Group thrive. 

Bill McCown and Corrie Kent work as a team for Kent McCown Group with Coldwell Banker Alliance. They cover properties in both Auburn and Opelika, Alabama. | @kentmccowngroup

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